Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes


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Health care


1. Qualitative

  • High-quality production processes are comprehensible
    • Guarantee of consistently-high quality products

2. Legal

  • Protection against recourses
    • Matured operational processes
    • Exclusion of defects
    • Improved starting position for negotiations with health insurance companies (sick funds), MediNet and other networks
    • legal requirements of medical quality assurance are met (135ff SGB V, 92 SGB V)

3. Insurances

  • Lowering of risk of liability
    • For doctors under contract apply in addition continuing education regulations (§ 81 SGB V)

4. General Medical Council

  • Fulfillment of obligations for quality assurance

Legal background:

Excerpt from SGB V (Social Welfare Act 5, legal health insurance) §135a Commitment to quality assurance

(1) Service providers are committed to quality assurance and development of services provided by them. The services must meet current state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and be provided with the professionally required quality.

(2) Doctors under contract, authorized hospitals as well as providers of medical preventive services or rehabilitation measures are committed according to §§ 136a, 136b, 137 and 137d to participate in measures for quality assurance which are intended to improve the resulting quality covering different institutions. Authorized hospitals, ambulatory preventive and ambulatory rehabilitation institutions are committed according to §§ 137 and 137d to introduce and develop an internal quality management.

Decisions of the 72nd Health Conference

At the 72nd health conference it was determined on the basis of a decision of the health ministers of the States that

  • all medical institutions (also doctors´ practices) must publish by 01.01.2003 annual quality reports in suitable form to document the quality of their services rendered.
  • By 01.01.2005 all medical institutions have to introduce a state-of-the-art quality management.

DIN EN ISO 9000 ff as quality management tool:


  • DIN German Industrial Norm
  • EN European Norm (European Standard)
  • ISO International Standard Organization

This concerns an internationally recognized quality standard which governs across branches the introduction of a company quality management.