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Efficiency analysis

Vermat - Government subsidized program for the profitable improvement of material efficiency (Efficiency analysis)

Today’s available technologies and management methods for the profitable improvement of material efficiency in production and product exploitation contain significant reserves for the increase in competitiveness and growth. With small and mid-size companies (KMUs) these reserves can be traced back mainly to business management and technical know-how deficits. An efficiency analysis with focus an materials usage and utilization will show these savings potentials.

For the exemplary development of these reserves with KMUs the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) has set up a program for the consulting of small and mid-size companies regarding the profitable improvement of material efficiency. This program puts special emphasis on giving a better understanding of the necessary technology and management know-how by qualified consultants who are close to the KMUs. The first step on this way is an efficiency analysis (professional first consultation).

The German Agency for Material Efficiency (demea) has been charged with the implementation of this program. The efficiency analysis will be carried out by certified consultants who are close to the KMUs.

KORN CONSULT is one of the consultant companies authorized by the German Agency for Material Efficiency. Professional experience of many years in this area, a thorough understanding of technical and business management aspects in production (product cycles), analytical capabilities and experience with KMUs are a prerequisite for the certification as a consultant. The efficiency analysis (professional first consulting) can be subsidized up to 67 % or 10,000 Euros. In case of complex material flows a consolidation consultation up to 33% or 99,000 Euros can be subsidized.

Please contact us if you want to know whether or not your company meets the requirements for a subsidy of an efficiency analysis (professional first consultation).