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Sustainable consulting services for companies are the focus of our activities. Our specialists stand by you with many complex topics and contribute to sustainable improvements in your processes.

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Have you got problems finding appropriate staff for your management level? Temporarily, we can offer you the manager services that you need, based on your urgent needs.

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We are a development and technology partner - our services cover the entire product life cycle from the initial product concept through to continuous process optimization.

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KORN CONSULT GROUP at BMW Supplier Diversity Conference

As last year, the KORN CONSULT GROUP was represented at the BMW Supplier Diversity Conference in Greenville / Spartanburg, USA, on April 4th, 2019.
As sponsor and exhibitor, numerous customers visited our booth and we were able to hold many interesting technical discussions.
We look forward to receiving positive feedback from existing contacts on successfully completed or ongoing projects. More


On 28.03.2019 it's that time of year again: the "Girls Day" takes place. On this day companies throughout Germany are opening their doors for girls starting with the 5th grade to give them an insight into potential apprenticeships. This year, KORN CONSULT GROUP, with its location in Alzenau is participating for the first time in this vocational orientation project to support young people in their future career development. We are excited and look forward to inviting two future job starters to a "day in the project office".

CarSymposium Shanghai

KORN CONSULT GROUP attended the CarSymposium held betwen 16-17 April in Shanghai.
We provide consulting services for manufacturers and supplier, using our extended experience in deep technology expertise, competence in quality-management, optimization of manufacturing- and assembly procedures within the automotive industry. We had good talks with some of our existing customers and potential new clients from China, Germany and other countries.


A premium OEM has commissioned us to help assure the insurer's defined crash test requirements for locally built cars in China. Four suppliers have been coordinated by our Senior team of Consultants (time, quality, quantity & logistics) to ensure production relocation to China within the allocated timeframe. In one case, an interim production was set up in Germany to ensure a quantitative start-up of production.


Due to a backlog from one of its suppliers, KORN CONSULT GROUP in USA received a consulting order from a premium OEM. The scope of the project consists of installing a team of Consultants consisting of external and internal colleagues who work together to create 5 work packages. The aim is to monitor the performance of Tier 1 and increase productivity at the same time so that the commissioning OEM will be supplied on time in the long term.


The KORN CONSULT GROUP in China received an order from an oil company. It has a new production site and has to pass a potential analysis to be able to supply one of the commissioning OEMs. For this purpose, our local Consultant prepared a training and requirement overview according to VDA 6.3 guidelines and helped to change the way of thinking regarding future project development so that the potential analysis report is passed.


The KORN CONSULT GROUP has been commissioned by an international automotive component supplier of plastic parts to analyze Total Management Maintenance (TPM) and to come up with appropriate suggestions for improvement. Through the carried out potential analysis, the autonomous and preventive maintenance was restructured. As a result, the company will reduce maintenance costs by 40% and increase OEE by 10%.


Last year, the KORN CONSULT GROUP was awarded the "Best of Consulting for medium-sized businesses 2018" prize in the category" Operational Excellence".
Around 400 companies took part in the competition organized by WirtschaftsWoche. Among others, "Mercedes Benz Consulting" and "EY" were represented in our category.
We are still very excited about this great award and will be back in the competition again this year.